graduation year 2020

About us

This year consists of 24 students, who will be exhibiting their projects this July. Our speciality is our diversity. every single student has different talents to offer and interests to showcase. Due to these varied backgrounds our projects are equally unique, ranging from coding, gaming, print, design, to video, performance and much more.


art and multimedia at the lmu munich

Our interdisciplinary programme combines various forms of fine arts, design, technology and media sciences. Over five semesters we have explored our skills to bridge the gap between these diverse topics, concluding in personal projects combining these skills in cutting edge ways.


Our title “featuring:_” alludes to the variety of people in our group, it also encourages visitors to seek out their favourite topic among those featured, or let them be inspired to find something new.

We want to speak not only to people generally interested in fine art, but also try to attract those who are more inclined towards technology, or are engaged in social and cultural issues. With our broad spectrum of topics we hope to attract a wide variety of visitors.


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after covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we unfortunately had to cancel our physical exhibit at “Halle 6” on the “Leonrodplatz”, which had been planned to be open from July 17th to 20th. we didn’t however let that stop us, and over the past few weeks worked hard to find alternative ways to showcase our projects. Since we are media arts students, this offered us an exceptional chance to further hone our skills and abilities, rising to this creative challenge of a virtual exhibit.

In weekly zoom meetings, bit by bit, we restructured and discussed our previous analog concept to mold it into the now realized virtual exhibition.